Boolean query with terms

Hi guys,

I am new to elasticsearch.

My application uses Lucene (v 4.0) to index records with a bunch of fields.
Then it uses a multi terms boolean query to search the top 10000 documents.

The code is something like this:

BooleanQuery query = new BooleanQuery();

for each field I need to search I do:

TokenStream tokenStream = analyzer.tokenStream(fieldName, new StringReader(
CharTermAttribute attr = tokenStream.getAttribute(CharTermAttribute.class);

while (tokenStream.incrementToken()) {
String term = attr.toString();
termQuery = new TermQuery(new Term(fieldName, term));

query.add(termQuery, Occur.SHOULD);

ScoreDoc[] hits =, filter, 10000).scoreDocs;

I am trying to port the same logic using elasticsearch. The code looks like:

BoolQueryBuilder bqb = QueryBuilders.boolQuery();

for (Fields field : myFields) {
String fieldName = field.getName();
Collection values = field.getValues();
if (values == null) {
for (String v : values) {

    TokenStream tokenStream = analyzer.tokenStream(fieldName, new 

CharTermAttribute attr = tokenStream.getAttribute(CharTermAttribute.

    while (tokenStream.incrementToken()) {
        String term = attr.toString();
        TermQueryBuilder tqb = QueryBuilders.termQuery(fieldName, term);
        bqb = bqb.should(tqb);



SearchResponse response = this.client.prepareSearch(this.indexName).setTypes

The elasticsearch query returns only the records with the exact match.
Instead I need to retrieve the documents close to my search request.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

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