Boost, but don't require?

(Marc Schattorie) #1

I'm looking for a way to boost the score certain document which contain an array of fuzzy terms... Documents not containing any of the terms should still appear (but with a lower rating)... However, when I apply a filter, let's say I filter on an organization, documents from another organization should not appear...

unfortunately I can't figure out how to achieve this...

(Simon Willnauer) #2

you mean something like this:

(fuzzyTerm1~2.0 OR fuzzyTerm2~2.0)^5 AND (organization:my_org) that would boost docs that contain either fuzzyTerm1 or fuzzyTerm2 by 5 that are in organization my_org

is this what you mean?

(Marc Schattorie) #3

What I needed was more like this:
organization:my_org AND (fuzzyTerm1:hello^5 OR fuzzyTerm2:world^2 OR (!fuzzyTerm1:hello AND !fuzzyTerm2:world))

This shows all documents within the organization, including the ones that don't match any of the fuzzy terms... The ones that do match are boosted by 5 and 2 in this example...

It sounds weird to return documents, or in my case aggregations which are not being asked for, but I'm using this for an automated logging system...

So I found out what I looked for already :slight_smile:

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