"boost" in mapping - deprecated?

I'm looking at the documentation for "boost" as a mapping parameter: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/master/mapping-boost.html

I'm confused by the bit that says:

Deprecated in 5.0.0.
index time boost is deprecated. Instead, the field mapping boost is applied at query time. For indices created before 5.0.0 the boost will still be applied at index time.

I'm quite happy with this being applied at query time, but the documentation seems (perhaps?) to be suggesting that including "boost" in the mapping at all is being deprecated?

If it's just that the behaviour has changed (i.e. when specified in a mapping, the boost will now be applied at query time, but never at index time), then the word 'deprecated' seems to be the wrong word to use. Some clarity on this point in the docs would anyway be useful?


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