Boost score for prefix matches

I'm trying to implement something similar to a store search for products and I'm having a hard time boosting result score to order them in a specific manner.

Let's say I have a name field in my documents and I want to search on that field only.
Assume I have the query string crac and the following 4 documents:

{name: "Crackers, 250g"}, // partial non-fuzzy match on first word
{name: "Some crackers, 250g", // partial non-fuzzy match on middle word
{name: "Crab, 100g"} // fuzzy match on first word 
{name: "Some crab, 100g"} // fuzzy match on middle word

Is there a way of ordering my results exactly in the order described above?
That is, prioritize non-fuzzy matches, and then prioritize first word matches?

I'm currently using a standard analyzer with no success.
I've read about edge_ngram tokenizer, but that would not solve the first word dilemma.
Migrating to a keyword tokenizer would allow first word matches but break subsequent ones matches.

Does anyone have an idea on how to achieve this?

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