Boost score if query contains all tokens in the field

I am new to Elasticsearch.
I am working off Search for an address

My query looks like this

GET all_address/_search 
    "multi_match": {
      "query":  "Flat 1, Floor 1, Raymond Court",
      "fields": [......],
      "type": "most_fields"

The correct address has third highest score.(15 which is kinda low) I have tried best_fields as well but the top scoring address still is the same irrelevant address. (Reason: The irrelevant address has "Court 1" in it's building name which caused it to win out).

I see that the address I want has the field "EstateName": "Raymond Court".

It is often the case where the correct match would have a field could be fully matched by the query such as "Flat A,X,Victoria Road" and not be the top scorer despite "StreetName": "Victoria Road" and lose out to another address that has "Victoria A"in it's fields

Is there a way to boost the score if a field could be fully matched?

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