Boosting non synonyms in a cross field query

I have a cross_fields query that uses a wordnet analyzer on all its fields. I would like to have some way to boost query results that match the entered keyword exactly, instead of a synonym. So my thought was that I could map these same fields with a standard analyzer and add them to the fields. My hope was that this would give the results that matched the words in the standard fields a higher score. However I am not sure I can do this, the docs say:

For the cross_fields query type to work optimally, all fields should have the same analyzer. Fields that share an analyzer are grouped together as blended fields.

If you include fields with a different analysis chain, they will be added to the query in the same way as for best_fields. For instance, if we added the title field to the preceding query (assuming it uses a different analyzer), the explanation would be as follows:

Any thoughts on the right way to achieve this?