Boundary Search x miles from original Boundary

I can across this article and found it very useful:

I am trying to achieve something a little different and I thought you might be able to advise.

On you can perform a radius search:^884

3 miles on this search is not correct however.

I am not looking for a Geo Polygon query within a shape in effect or a geo distance query from a point:

I effectively need to create a search from a similar polygon at scale:

In other words I have a geolocation boundary, I need to scale by 3 miles and find all locations within the bounds.

I was wondering if you had any idea how i could perhaps achieve this?

I am theory looking to build a property site that performs searches across the whole of the UK and your help and expertise would be most appreciated.

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Scaling a polygon up or down is known as inward/outward polygon offsetting. It is possible to use a GIS library like JTS TopologySuite (and language ports like NetTopologySuite) or Clipper to do this.

I think a simple approach to scale out the outer boundary of the shell of a polygon can be achieved with JTS TopologySuite's OffsetCurveBuilder.getRingCurve().