Breakdown of Elasticsearch Heap space into its components

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Recently, I have been experimenting a lot over elastic search. During my research, I came to know ES heap usage as a key monitoring metric for ES operations. Some of the key divisions of heap include division into

  1. field data cache (can be monitored from _nodes/stats)
  2. filter cache (can be monitored from _nodes/stats)

Apart from these 2, which other buffer or caches usually takes up heap memory? I would like to know all of them, so that I can track down which cache/buffer was the culprit behind high heap usage.

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@Christian_Dahlqvist @warkolm or any one here in the community who can provide some info on this?

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This forum is manned by volunteers, so please be patient. It is OK to bump a thread if you do not get an answer within the 2-3 days. Also please do not ping people not already involved in the thread.

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Sure will take care of it.

Any one in the community who can guide on a way to monitor heap at a granular level?

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Bumping topic so that threat doesn't close out.

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