Broken config in Filebeat documentation

(Peter Becker) #1

On the page documenting the use of Filebeat modules this bit of config is shown:

var.paths = ["/var/log/nginx/access.log*"]

That should be a colon instead of the equals, shouldn't it?

(Pablo) #2

Hey Peter,

you can open a PR with the fix if you think that is incorrect, I haven't tested but yes... it not yaml notation.
You can also validate it in

(ruflin) #3

@Peter_Becker That is definitively incorrect. Could you open a Github issue or PR? @dedemorton FYI

(DeDe Morton) #4

I can fix it. Thanks for pointing out the error.

(DeDe Morton) #5

Fix is in this PR:

(Peter Becker) #6

Thanks, @dedemorton - I had been busy over the last few days and no time to do one myself.

(system) #7

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