Browser was closed unexpectedly error when sending report


In ElasticCloud 7.12 and I have a watcher with a reporting action which sends a report at 5pm each day.
It works about 50% of the time with the other times producing the following error

"Reporting generation failed: Error: Browser was closed unexpectedly! Check the server logs for more info."

Is there anyway to get more information as to the root cause?


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Since upgrading to ElasticCloud 7.12 I have also observed this error sporadically.

In a cloud deployment, created almost 3 years ago as v6.2.4 and upgraded multiple times since then, we have a dashboard for which we have had a watcher triggering a daily PDF report for 2 years now. Not until we upgraded to v7.12 did we see this error with status [500]:
Internal Server Error. Reporting generation failed: Error: Browser was closed unexpectedly! Check the server logs for more info.

I think that the support team should be aware of this behavior.

Please see Support for Elastic Cloud, Hosted Elasticsearch | Elastic on how to raise a support ticket for Elastic Cloud :slight_smile:

Thanks @dadoonet I will raise a support ticket for cloud.

Looks like this issue is not only on Elastic Cloud - it's also happening with my on-prem installations too (using Docker images).

Including the link to GitHub issues:

I had a similar issue and I fixed it by increasing the RAM available for my Kibana instance.

This page could be helpful.

Probably the latest Chromium engine in Kibana 7.12 is using more RAM?

Maybe the OP can try to increase the RAM of the Kibana instance of his Elastic Cloud deployment and see whether the issue can be resolved.

I believe the upgrade issues indicate that the Kibana server takes more RAM between releases and leaves less available for the Chromium browser.

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Thanks for feedback.

I have done a number of things which has improved stability

  • increased RAM
  • increased time between retries
  • ensured that other reports did not get sent out at similar times
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