Bucket aggregation - calculate my own metric inside bucket

i collect data from my router and store into Elasticsearch.

My data mappings are in this form : < {"interface_name":"keyword", "value":"double", "timestamp":"integer"}. >

I need to measure flow for each interface like: < flow = (v2-v1)/(t2-t1) >.

So if i have for an example two interfaces with same name
(interface:"i1" value: 5 ts: 2) and (interface: "i1" value:10 ts:3 ) i need to get (10-5)/(3-2) as output.

I group each interface into bucket with bucket aggregation and i know how to get avg/max/min, but i don't know how to calculate with my own formula.

This is my first post on forum,
Thank you in advance!

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