BucketSelectorPipelineAggregationBuilder missing from elasticsearch 8.9.2

We are upgrading our Elasticsearch from 8.5.3 to 8.9.2 and our migration is failing with following error: Cannot resolve symbol 'BucketSelectorPipelineAggregationBuilder'

Seems like in 8.9.2 this class file has been removed from org.elasticsearch.search.aggregations.pipeline path and I am not able to find this file in the latest jar.

I am pulling the jar from the maven: Central Repository: org/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/8.9.2

So wanted to check whether is this feature deprecated as I am not able to find any release note regarding this ? or can someone point me to the correct path for this file.


This feature has not been deprecated but it has been moved to the Aggregations module.

I am not sure how you are upgrading Elasticsearch but I don't think we support upgrading by pulling jars from maven.

Here are the instruction how to upgrade Elasticsearch: Upgrade Elasticsearch | Elastic Installation and Upgrade Guide [8.9] | Elastic

I think we are also releasing our artifacts to maven central.

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