Bug in serial diff aggregation table

(Jingyan) #1

The issue link in github:

Kibana version: 6.1.0 and 6.3.0

Elasticsearch version: 6.1.0

Server OS version: Ubuntu 16.04.4

Browser version: Firefox 52.9.0

Browser OS version: MAC

Describe the bug: The Table can't have an order by column when use the serial diff aggregation . And if I sort the serial diff table by clicking the column title, it doesn't work, and this table will be disappear when the page refresh.

Steps to reproduce: just like the Screenshots

Expected behavior: the - value should be 0 or disappear, so that I can order the table by this column.

(Jen Huang) #2

Thank you filing the bug! We will triage as needed.

(Jingyan) #3

Do you have some solution for this bug?

(system) #4

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