Bug: Kibana 5.1.1 RPM offline-install


Not sure where to post this but there's a small bug with the Kibana RPM not assigning the correct permissions when installed on a Centos 7 server in an offline environment.

Specifically, I've noticed that files under /usr/share/kibana/optimize/bundles are owned by several users (root, and kibana) when they should all be owned by Kibana.

Forgive me if this is an issue with how I've installed Kibana. But, as root, I simply ran 'yum localinstall kibana-5.1.1.rpm'


You can raise issues here - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues.
If you wouldn't mind creating an issue with a replication it'd be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Will do! :slight_smile:

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