Build 7.0 for arm64 failed

I need a build for arm64 , no error during the build.
Build command: GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm CGO_ENABLED=1 go build
Here the 2 last line of the build :"/usr/lib/go-1.10/pkg/tool/linux_arm64/buildid -w $WORK/b291/pkg.a # internal
cp $WORK/b291/pkg.a /home/nvidia/.cache/go-build/f9/f9b2500a38d5aa1c3dce8a2eaefab509387746fef57b1c2a2c0a898c079578f3-d # internal
When copying in /usr/share/journalbeat/bin and restart service, error occured:"ERROR instance/beat.go:802 Exiting: error creating reader for local journal: journald reader only supported on linux"

I did the same for filebeat, with no error

Is it possible that the problem is linked to systemd version ? i'm running under v229. By looking at the release note, it seems that it needs min v233.
Can you confirm this?
I need a help, thanks

Hey @hsam,

This error can happen on Linux if journalbeat is built without cgo, though in your case it seems that you are compiling with cgo enabled :thinking:

Could you try to build journalbeat with this command?

PLATFORMS="+all linux/arm64" mage crossBuild

If this command works you will find the results in build/golang-crossbuild.

You can build whole packages with the following command:

PLATFORMS="+all linux/arm64" mage package

Built packages can be found in build/distributions.

You may also find more information in this thread: File/Packet/Metric beat on Raspi Centos 7 (armhf/armv7l)