Build Chart Data file

Hi Team Kibana
I've been trying to migrate this plugin :
from Kibana v5.2.2 to Kibana v6.1.2
Now the problem is, when trying to import Build Chart Data from 'ui/vislib_vis_type/build_chart_data' which was initially present in Kibana v5.2.2.
But the file doesn't exist in Kibana v6.1.2 at the mentioned path.
I even tried to explicitly copy the required file at the same path, but it gives an error :

TypeError: Expected private module "undefined" to be a function
at identify (commons.bundle.js?v=16363:50)
at Private (commons.bundle.js?v=16363:50)
at Object. (kibana.bundle.js?v=16363:117)
at Object.invoke (commons.bundle.js?v=16363:29)
at extend.instance (commons.bundle.js?v=16363:29)
at nodeLinkFn (commons.bundle.js?v=16363:29)
at compositeLinkFn (commons.bundle.js?v=16363:29)
at commons.bundle.js?v=16363:29
at (kibana.bundle.js?v=16363:67)
at commons.bundle.js?v=16363:29 ""
Respective code :
import { VislibVisTypeBuildChartDataProvider } from 'ui/vislib_vis_type/build_chart_data'; const buildChartData = Private(VislibVisTypeBuildChartDataProvider); // This throws the following error

And it originates here in the bundled file :

var buildChartData = Private(_build_chart_data.VislibVisBuildChartData)

Is it possible that maybe this file exists somewhere else Kibana 6 and I can load it from there.
Or some changes that I can make in the same file to make it work?

Please help out.
Thank you

linking to answer provided in issue

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