Build "OR" combinations of filters/queries

Hi I would like to build more than one query or filters but need to setup sets of filters what MUST mutch and the different set of filters/queries what must match also, but they're not dependable on other filter sets.

So in simple worlds:

filter1 { filter : { must: {[ term: 'field' : 'value', term: 'field' : 'value' ]} } } filter2 { filter : { must: {[ term: 'field' : 'value', term: 'field' : 'value' ]} } }
These 2 filters will bring me results but it will not affect each other. So results should be all results what match filter1 and all results what match filter2.

As some example from real world, I want to filter all users what have age 20 - 25, they are interested into PC and in distance of 1Km, this are strict rules what everybody must match, but because i'm woman and bicurious woman, I'm looking for man's and womans where woman is also interested to womans and mans to womans.

So result will be all man's and woman's in distance of 1Km, in age 20 - 25 with interest PC, and only mans and womans interested in womans.

Fields are:

gender: male/female
interestedMale: true/false
interestedFemale: true/false

The problem here is that we need to set combination of filters where gender is male and insterestFemale is true or gender is female and interestFemale is true

Bool filter helps here. Please have a look at