Building Json response from _cat/indices

Hi Team, I am trying to call _cat/indices api from AngularJs and i am getting json response where each key of json contains 1 alphabet of the record like below :

like for record from _cat/indices like : yellow open .kibana

I am getting json response like below :

"0":"y","1":"e","2":"l","3":"l","4":"o","5":"w","6":" ","7":"o","8":"p","9":"e","10":"n","11":" ","12":".","13":"k","14":"i","15":"b","16":"a","17":"n","18":"a","

Please suggest how can i get the response json per record.

Cat API does not send back Json content but text.
May be use cluster state API instead?

My requirement is to get list of indices and to know which index is yellow or red . Will cluster state api provide those details also ?

@dadoonet thanks for sharing the cluster state api, i would be able to use that api . Now i need to get the shard details also like which shard is created on which node .Now _cat/shard api also gives text . Which api i can use to get those details in json format.

Then use it. It should give what you are looking for. See