Building metricbeat from source on Mac with no X-Code


I am trying to build the current master branch metricbeat image from source code on my mac (macOS Catalina V10.15.7).

I have been following the developer guides. Everything installed and it goes great when I run 'mage package' from the beats/metricbeat Makefile ... all the way up until the Preference Pane portion.

I cannot install XCode on my machine as I do not have sudo privilege. So the 'Building MacOS Preference Pane' fails as the toold 'xcodebuild' requires Xcode. I also do not want the preference pane as I intend just to use the metricbeat image through my Docker Desktop.

Is there anything I can flag to not build this preference pane portion? or can I just skip to the Docker image build after compilation, etc? I just want the image

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Please delete ... I have solved this problem

Hi @ss_22 Welcome to the community, I'm glad you solved your issue.

Actually as part of the community perhaps you could post your solution so someone else searching for the same issue could benefit from your solution?

Good point! I didn't think to, because I really didnt find a way to suppress the preference pane build portions.

Instead, I was able to get the XCode app installed on my machine and preliminary sudo rights to add the appropriate xcodebuild configurations.

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