Building Visualization Table

I've been fumbling around trying to get this to work but can't seem to find the magic combination, maybe it's not possible. I have the following fields:

Domain: text field
Result: Value will be pass or fail

I want the Domain values to only display if the corresponding result field contains at least one value of pass. I'd then like the result field to be expressed in percentages. For example, I'd like something like below:


If it's not possible to express the result in that matter, then how about a list that only displays domains whose result field ever has a value of pass. I'm more capable with Logstash so if another field is needed to express the information in a different way I can do that.

Getting the pass/fail percentage in the result can be achieved with a scripted field. I outlined a similar solution in this thread, you'd simply use a different field and match for the value (pass instead of SUCCESS).

Once you have that value mapping, you can create a table vis using the average of that field.

Filtering that list by domains that have one or more pass values is the hardest part, and I can't think of a way to do that. This means the end result may have domains with a 0% result. You can limit the number by controlling the size of the terms aggregation on the domain value though, so you don't see a giant list of all the domains.

Ill have to give this a try. If I can sort by percentages then that would work as well. For me, there may only be about a dozen domain values that should be more than 0% which is manageable in a table. Thanks @Joe_Fleming, I'll let you know how it goes.

If I can sort by percentages then that would work as well.

You should be able to, the values are treated like any other number field, so sorting descending shouldn't be an issue.

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