Bulk API - can't add more than one row


I am trying to add some data with Bulk API, but it takes only the last record of my JSON input data.

Here an example with 3 record:

input data:

    "ID_PROD": "15136",
    "UNIT": "UN",
    "RATE": 1
    "ID_PROD": "21588",
    "UNIT": "UN",
    "RATE": 1
    "ID_PROD": "21500",
    "UNIT": "UN",
    "RATE": 2

It takes only the last record
Screen from Kibana index management

Any idea about the cause of that issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi @yamaga ,

the REST bulk API expects ndjson. Are you using the REST API or one of the clients?

I am using an external API
it works when I add a key to every record.

Hi @yamaga,

which API is that? I am not sure I understand what you mean by "external API", can you elaborate please?

it works when I add a key to every record

How does the resulting payload look? And is there still a need for help on this?

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