Bulk Payload Sizes


Is there a way that I can track the size of the bulk ingestion payloads hitting elasticsearch?


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You can use the Mapper Size Plugin that will add a _size metadata field with the raw size of the json document.


I probably didn't make myself clear enough. That will give the size of the message payload. i want to track how many requests are in each bulk indexing request sent by logstash.

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Unfortunately no metric will tell you that exactly.


Is that likely to change?

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There is nothing in the roadmap. What is generally required to know is the actual indexing rate as docs per second. May I ask why you want to keep track of numbers of documents per bulk?


So I can gauge the efficiency of the logstash to elasticsearch interface. Could I get this information by parsing the output of the task api?

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You can use Logstash Monitoring API to calculate throughput at plugin level.

X-Pack (with Basic license) will also show these values in Pipeline Viewer UI

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