Bulk Processor Missing Requests

I am submitting Bulk Index Requests from my java client to elastic search.

I am capturing logs both before the bulk request is submitted and after the request is completed.

I am also checking ,if the bulk response has any error , i am logging those as well.

We had an incident , where we have seen bulk requests submitted from our client , but not returned back.

There is no error in our logs. Also i have checked the elastic cluster log on the server , but i did not find any information related to our bulk requests.

I have also checked the threadpool stats , to check whether any bulk requests are still in progress using this command

GET /_cat/thread_pool?v&h=host,bulk.active,bulk.queue,bulk.rejected,bulk.largest,bulk.completed

Please let me know , what logging can i add on the server level to find out more information about each bulk request , we submitted and its status.

BTW , i am using elastic 2.3.0 , in case if it matters


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