Bulk queue exceeding limit

I am running ElasticSearch 5.2.0. I noticed the queue for the bulk thread is exceeding the limit. My understanding from showing the thread stats that the queue_size column is the max number of entries in the queue and the queue column contains the number of items currently in the queue. Why does the queue column report 947 items? Shouldn't it be capped at 50?

curl -X GET "localhost:9200/_cat/thread_pool?v&h=host,id,name,type,active,size,queue,queue_size,rejected,largest,completed,min,max,keep_alive"

host          id                     name type  active size queue queue_size rejected largest completed min max keep_alive D8okUgVXTrCCvPO9QgNTFA bulk fixed      4    4     6         50   111072       4  12799446   4   4 Dvon5st7SM2YdtWd_mBcUw bulk fixed      4    4   947         50   131537       4  11340119   4   4

The link below contains the descriptions of the fields:



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