Bulk size in bulk processor

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Hello ,

I would like to understand what does bulk size actually mean? Which size does it refer to?
Is it the size of the documents we are indexing in a bulk manner per request?

Please help me with it.


(David Pilato) #2

setBulkSize() defines the total size of the bulk before it's sent to elasticsearch.

If you set it to 10kb and add a JSON of around 1kb, then around every 10 documents (probably less because of the headers), a bulk request will be sent to elasticsearch.

setBulkActions(10000) sets the number of requests before executing the bulk. Here every 10000 requests.

setFlushInterval(TimeValue.timeValueSeconds(5)) performs a bulk call every 5 seconds whatever the number of documents or the size in bytes (if there is at least one request of course).


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Thanks David.
So basically it is the size of the payload(here it is size of JSON docs) that is flushed to the server.

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