Bulk update caused DocumentMissing after Bulk Insert

(Zt Zeng) #1

I am working on a tool which sync change from MySQL to ES. When I am testing the tool, I find some thing that can't understand. Then following is some log:

# bulk insert about 100 docs
2019-04-14 11:16:26,049 index {[test_0][news][36], source[...]}, index {..}
# bulk update 100 docs by id
2019-04-14 11:16:26,428 update {[test_0][news][36], doc[index {[null][null][null], source[{...}], detect_noop[true]}
# some docs update report DocumentMissing
item.getFailure().getCause() instanceof DocumentMissingException

So any reason why this happens? (I am using ES 5.6)