Bulk update successful, but documents aren't updated

(Natalia Kuleniuk) #1

I added new field to mapping, and then try to update all documents with new values for this field.

curl -XPOST 'https://my_end_point/myindex/mytype/_bulk' -d '
{"doc": { "test_field": "new field value 1"}}
{"doc": { "test_field": "new field value 2"}}
{"doc": { "test_field": "new field value 3"}}
{"doc": { "test_field": "new field value 4"}}'


Then I am trying to retrieve all hits:
curl -XGET 'https://my_end_point/myindex/mytype/_search?pretty'

But hits does not contain new field with new value. They remaining the same as before bulk update
Did I make a mistake or miss something?

!!!! UPDATE: I can see updated fields, all except for the last one. I don't see document with id 4 (which is the last one) to be updated

(David Pilato) #2

You are missing the last line return at the end.

(system) #3

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