Bulk updates: something like retry_if_not_exist is possible?

I'm using the bulk API for indexing and doing partial updates of documents of the same type.

Sometimes the updates arrive out of order. This is fine but I'd like to implement a number of retries on the ES side. Is this possible?

I know there's a retry_on_conflict parameter, which is great in some other scenarios, but does not work out for me on this one. Is there anything similar for simple retries?

Another option I've been thinking of would be to "delay" the update using an "upsert" over some temporary field and do a scripted indexing that would pick this "temporary" field and populate its value over the "official" field. I don't want to go to scripted indexing / updates because it'll hurt performance.
And the last option is to move all this logic to client-side.

Am I missing out some feature that could help with this?


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