Cakephp example

Hello everyone,

I'm working on Cakephp and Elasticsearch and I'm trying to find some example of how to display index information using cakephp.

I know that there is an official Cakephp plugin called Elasticsearch but the documentation ( is difficul for a newbie about how to use it.

If someone have already done it before I would be very grateful if he could give me some tips.


Have you tried using Elastica PHP ?

I didn't know this php client, I will take a look on this client.

Thanks Islam_Elshobokshy.

However I'm always interested about simple tutorial/example of how to use the Cakephp elasticsearch plugin

Looking at
This section of the page has provided good examples on how to index data but this above link shows how to search the data.

I would recommend that once you have a grasp of Elasticsearch then it may aid in the understanding of the above:

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