Calculate differences between documents in a query

I need to calculate the MTBF of our systems which are monitored using the observatiblity uptime feature of Elasticsearch.

Let's say that I've an index with the following values:
time, system-name, state
10:00, system1, up
10:05, system1, up
10:10, system1, down
10:15, system1, down
10:20, system1, up
10:25, system1, down
10:30, system1, down
10:35, system1, down
10:40, system1, up

How could I count the number of times the state switched from down to up (here: 2).
How could I get the time between two of those state changes (here: 10:35-10:15 = 0:20).

So one of the questions is: is there a query which calculates difference between consecutive documents. E.g.:
time, spent money
10:00, 100
10:05, 105
10:10, 150

the result should be something like, 105-100=5, 150-105=45

It looks like this is not possible in an Elasticsearch query itself, right?


You can do serial differencing in Lens as well.

Thanks Stephen. Found that and tried it. Unfortunately this won't solve my initial problem of getting the distances between two state changes.

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