Calculate number of occurrences of an event and then get total percentage out of whole

I am trying to calculate the total number of occurrence of an metric (Which I am able to visualize) and then I want to calculate the percentage of occurrence out of total requests.

For example:
I have a metric ABC_Code which has many outputs (0,1,2,300,400....)
I want to calculate the ABC_Code:300 and then calculate its percentage by dividing it by total number (ABC_Code:"1" + ABC_Code:"2" + ABC_Code:"300" + ABC_Code:"400" +.....ABC_Code:"n")

I have tried following link but it didn't helped:

Kindly not that the values I am interested are very small (e.g. 10/10000000) and I want to display it as percentage.

Thanks in advance

I don't believe you can do that with any of the built-in visualizations in Kibana (see However you may be able to do this using Canvas. Do you have access to Canvas?

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