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I want to calculate the percentage of some data on Kibana Dashboard.

hello @SheetalRIL

Which version of the elastic stack are you using?

Have you tried using field formatters?

ELK 6.8.4

Have you tried using field formatters?

Hello ,

I have tried it but no luck.

Can you share some sample documents and describe the desired output?

How to add range to a percentage visualization

[6.8] How to add range to a percentage visualization

This screenshot shows the error percentages of Applications 1-6 respectively. The error percentage is calculated in this visualization by using an average function per application of all the errors. this is done by associating every error query with 1 and every non error query with 0.

After this we want to use a range function on these percentages to divide them into different groups say one less than 0.5 one greater than 0.5.

So how can I bucket these 5 application on Error Percentage. e.g. Category 1 : with error percentage <0.3 and Category 2 : with error percentage >0.3

Do you wish to color code the graph based on the output? Seems to be an open issue here:

If you scroll to the end of this issue there is a comment that highlights a workaround in timelion, did that work out?

 .es().bars(stack=false).color(#F44336), .min(.es(), 25).bars(stack=false).color(#8BC34A) 


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