Calculate the frequency of the element in the array across different documents

Consider for example,
My json inputs



"id" : 38769,

"workers_list" : [ 1,2,4,3,1,1,2,3,4,3 ],



"id" : 38770,

"workers_list" : [ 1,3],



"id" : 38771,

"workers_list" : [ 1,2,4,2,1 ],

My kibana report either a data table or a bar diagram

In the sample output for the id - 1 ,frequency is set to 6 (in the first input three 1's and in the second one 1's and in the last input two 1's).

What i would do here is to convert that array to a text field which will make that field be analyzed on ingest. This way you can do a count aggregation and till will count all the elements of the array across the documents.

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