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I have a log which looks more less like this:

23/03/2020 8:15, mary, pc1154, SessionStarted, SessionID 1, Tools3
23/03/2020 9:00, john, pc2345, SessionStarted, SessionID 2, Apps1
23/03/2020 9:10, SessionID 1, SessionTerminated
23/03/2020 9:30, SessionID 2, SessionTerminated

I want to produce a report which would show duration of each session in the following form:

username,   ClientMachineName,  DeliveryGroup,  SessionStartTime,   SessionEndTime,   SessionDuration
john,       pc2345,             Apps1,           23/03/2020 9:00,   23/03/2020 9:10,  0:10
mary,       pc1154,             Tools3,          23/03/2020 8:15,   23/03/2020 9:30   1:15

I can use python to manipulate it outside Elastic, produce new document like in the second log and and index it back in.
However, Do you know if there is any solution to do such a transformation natively in Elastic/Kibana?

Hi @derekmizak, have you checked Transformations? This mechanism is exactly meant to produce derivative indexes that pivot your datasets to produce updated metrics.

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Hi, @jsanz - thank you a lot - it is exactly what I was looking for. Once I am bit wiz in Transforms I will post some here as a sample. Thank you.

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