Calculating the Sum of Count metric in Kibana

{"Username": A, "Condition":92, "Severity":32}
{"Username": A, "Condition":89, "Severity":65}
{"Username": B, "Condition":92, "Severity":60}
{"Username": B, "Condition":21, "Severity":53}
{"Username": B, "Condition":33, "Severity":65}
{"Username": C, "Condition":94, "Severity":60}
{"Username": C, "Condition":10, "Severity":65}

Above is a sample of my output. How can I get the count of the Usernames A & B? How can I get the count of only Username C?

Any help would be appreciated.

if you want to get the count of all usernames:

  • create a table visualization
  • as a metric choose Count (already chosen by default)
  • in the bucket aggregation part select the Term aggregation (for splitting rows) and choose the username field

this will produce result like

 username    |    count
 A           |    10
 B           |    12
 C           |    30

now if you want to show only user A, just click on A and it will filter only on that user
you will see a filter added to the filter panel on the top, you can click that filter and EDIT it

in the edit mode you will see something like username is A
you could change the is to is one of and enter A, B to the value field and you will get only the users A and B.

let me know if this helps.

regards, Peter

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