Calculating the time remaining for re-indexing process

While curator is a fantastic tool, I wish it was showing the approximate time remaining for a re-indexing process.

Right now, I calculate the approximate time using the following:

  1. Fire GET _tasks?detailed=true&actions=*reindex&filter_path=**.name,**.total,**.created,**.description and get the values of and status.created for an index.

  2. Go to Indices tab in Monitoring UI in kibana and get the indexing rate. Say it is 500/s. I believe it can be calculated programmatically as described here.

  3. ( - status.created) / (500 *60) gives me the number of minutes it will take for the re-indexing to complete.

Is this the correct approach? Could someone share their thoughts please.


That'd be a very rough number.
This like GC, IO/CPU/heap use, query and other indexing rates, and more would all impact any figure.

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Thanks Mark. So far, had been calculating this manually using the above steps and it turned out to be fairly accurate almost all the time. The value of is fixed. Only status.created varies and so does the indexing rate.

And yes, this is something that will need to be invoked repeatedly (or in a loop) since this will change with indexing rate.

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