Calculating what's needed for LSOF?

I'm reading the documentation about elasticsearch setup and it says that the recommended file descriptors count should be 64k, but it doesn't say a lot about how this number is chosen. Is it based on total index size, documents, bandwidth? I just don't want to choose a magic number.

That's the number of files that es needs to open to handle indices. The total number of files needed depends on the number of shards that you have per node and the number of segments in each shard. A segment is build when the index writer is flushed or the searcher is refreshed (depends on the refresh interval). 64k should be enough to handle a lot of shards and indices so this value should be safe to use.

You never want to run into this limit as it will cause problems, so the 64k limit is set high enough to avoid this for the vast majority of use cases.

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