Call REST API using ingest pipeline script processor

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Hello Team,

Is is possible to call any REST API through the ingest pipeline script processor?


(David Pilato) #2

No you can’t. And you should not.

Latency will be always bad IMO and you are going to slow down dramatically your injection process.

If you have only 1 doc per second or less that might be possible though. But you need to write your own ingest plugin for that.

(I wish I had more free time to finish mine)

You can probably look at logstash to do such a thing although I’m unsure there is an http filter plugin available.

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Thanks @dadoonet ,

Yes, through logstash its possible using ruby filter plugin but i'm using only filebeat-->ingest pipeline-->elasticsearch.

So wanted to check if this is possible to call rest api through ingest pipeline.


(David Pilato) #4

It’s not.

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