Calling a login page from X-pack realm

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The following is the requirement:

We are planning on using Open ID connect and oauth2, should be able to bring in a
login page from X-pack realm let the users enter the userid and password information and then
redirect to x-pack ream/page. Is it possible to do this? is there a way to bring up a webpage from the
x-pack realm?



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We've added SAML support in 6.2.0 so that might be easier for you to configure. Guide for it is here:

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Thanks, I looked at the page, not sure it will solve what I am looking for, I have outlined below

Users logs into ES --> ES redirects to a page hosted on our site supporting Open Connect, -->user enters login credentials, Open Connect server returns auth code, which is then used for returning a JWT token.

Please let me know if this is possible with the above, do we need to extend xpack realms also?

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