Calling a pipeline on deletion operations

hello All,

quick question: can we call a pipeline on document deletion?


found a post regarding that:

Filebeat and ingest pipeline are data ingestion components and they can't be used to delete documents.

is there still no workaround to do that?
I change the document ID in the ingest pipeline when indexing documents. So, I'd like to change the document ID in the same way when deleting.
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!

I find it hard that there will ever be any workaround for this. These components are from ingest layer so, as per design, they will always serve to ingest data into the cluster, never delete.

if "per design" is not given by God, then it could be changed, I guess :slight_smile:
But seriously, it'd be logically, if deletion requests could be manipulated in ES as well.
Or, am I only the one, who finds that useful?

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