Elastic Cloud Ingest Pipeline Change

Hi all! I am using Elastic Cloud to collect information from a custom log. I created a ingest pipeline but then found that I had to change/update a portion of the pipeline (a dissect processor) which went from something like:

%{source.ip} %{?user.ident} %{?user.name} [%{@timestamp}] \"%{http.request.method} %{url.original} HTTP/%{http.version}\" %{http.response.status_code} %{http.response.body.bytes}

to something like

%{source.ip} %{?user.ident->} %{?user.name} [%{@timestamp}] \"%{http.request.method} %{url.original} HTTP/%{http.version}\" %{http.response.status_code} %{http.response.body.bytes}

to compensate for the user.name field being prefixed with a space by user input. After updating that pipeline processor, are there steps that need followed to kick start the ingestion of data again because currently all I am seeing is filebeat connecting to a backoff url repeatedly while the log on the machine keeps getting new data added to it.


Hi @kinderrs Welcome to the community.

As soon as you post the new pipeline it will start being used.

What exactly is the filebeat error?

Changing a pipeline does not usually affect the connectivity.

Did you accidentally rename the pipeline?

You're right, it does get used immediately. I finally found where I could turn on debug mode for the integration (in this case custom logs) and lo and behold a programmer had created his/her own format for the log on one of the servers this ingest pipeline was handling which gummed up the works for just about everything. I am considering just removing the policy from the offending machine and creating a custom pipeline for the "custom" log.

I appreciate the response and the confirmation of a suspicion that there was nothing to do and something else was wrong.

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