Calls to 'Suggest' end-point fails due to multiple indices with different analysis chains


We are search-as-a service offering which uses ElasticSearch(1.7) under the hood. One of our customer is complaining about the following error when using the 'suggest' end-point.

"ReduceSearchPhaseException[Failed to execute phase [fetch], [reduce] ]; nested: ElasticsearchIllegalStateException[Can't merge suggest result, this might be caused by suggest calls across multiple indices with different analysis chains. Suggest entries have different sizes actual [0] expected [1]]"

As per the error detail, the customer has more than one index with same field but different analyzer type. I'm trying to repro this, but creating 4 indexes with different analyzer type, but I'm unable to get a repro.


  1. When and why does this error occur?
  2. Should we restrict customers from creating indexes which have similar field name but different Analyzer, to prevent them from running into this error.
  3. What is the mitigation story? How can we enable the customer to access the suggest end-point successfully for their index?

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