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I'm building a plugin for use in Kibana. I'm having difficulties calling elasticsearch where I have some custom rest apis running. I'm able to query an index but am unsure how i call an api with a format similar to this:

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/_function&parm1=value&parm2=value'

I'd prefer to use callWithRequest because its a simpler and cleaner implementation. Can I use callWithRequest with this type of function?

Thanks for the assistance.


(Tyler Smalley) #2

callWithRequest uses elasticsearch-js, and documentation can be found here:

Is _function an endpoint exposed by an Elasticsearch plugin?

(David Neitz) #3

I guess that would be my next question. How do I create a new endpoint that would be exposed by my plugin?

(Tyler Smalley) #4

Are you wanting to create the endpoint in Elasticsearch or Kibana?

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