Can a DL be configured in email alert from watcher?

I am trying to add a DL into whitelist on my cloud instance and UI suggests that It has sent email for the approval. However, never received an email from elastic to confirm the email subscription.

I tried to find if there is anything in the documentation that mentions anything about the Distribution List can be used in email action. Reason for me to use DL is there are multiple people we need to send alerts to and configuring them one by one would be a nightmare to manage.

Is anyone able to configure DL and send email to multiple recipients?

If it's a cloud instance maybe you should open a ticket to support, do you have support?

For your question, when you say a DL, it's still a real email address
A DL (when seen from outside you organization) is just a normal email address, that gets sent to multiple recipient once it its your ORG email servers. No specific reason for this not to work.

But some DL can't be mailed to from outside. This depends on your mail server configs. At my job some DLs are just valid internally and if I were to mail them from my personal email account at home, emails would not get through.

  1. Did you try putting your own email as a test, not a DL.
  2. Did you try mailing this DL from your personal hotmail account for example.. to see if it's mailable from outside your ORG?
  3. Spam folder... I guess you thought of that one :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin.
Indeed its a cloud instance and I will check with support shortly. I have done testing on individual email address whitelisting and it works. DL does have real email address. I will be checking with internal folks as to receiving emails from outside to the DL address is allowed or not. I have tried all those 3 options, first 2 works however third option - I have never received an email from elastic (since I am also a part of DL) to subscribe for receiving email alerts.

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