Can a field like "name.last" be the target field of "enrich" in the ingest pipeline gui?

Trying to setup an ingest pipeline via the gui after setting up an enrich policy similar to this example.

The target field is name.last and testing the pipeline with documents via the GUI works fine but trying to ingest the same values throws a parsing error and it can't access the name.last field. Are accessing fields such as name.last supported?

Can you post your enrich code ... the enrich Index, your enrich processor, and a sample doc ... that will help.

In short if you are enriching a multiple fields all those fields will be sub fields of your target field... so if your name.last is already defined in your mapping as a concrete field like a keyword you will get an error as the enrich will try to treat name.last as an object with subfields... if you want to them put them in a bunch of specific fields you would use other processors afterwards like the set processor.. hope that makes sense... show us what you are doing and we can help.

Perhaps this example will make more sense.

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