Can beats be embedded in Android?

(HJ Shin) #1

Hi, Thank you for the amazing works!

My goal is to send GPS data from android app to elasticsearch.

I made a collecting server which is getting GPS data from android using socket communication and send it to ES using java client.

android app ---socket---> Collect Server(java) ---java client---> Elasticsearch

Is there any way to send GPS data from android to elsticsearch directly?
Can I use beats for this purpose?


(Mark Walkom) #2

If you can compile a beat on android, then yes :slight_smile:
However looking around, it doesn't look like it's fully supported by the OS, so you may have to do some work to get it happening/

(ruflin) #3

That is actually something I wanted to try out for quite some time but never found the time to do it. There are some projects that run Golang on Android or iOS. But not sure if beats as a library will compile because of the dependencies. See also

I'm very interested to hear if you get this one running or what issues you hit.

(HJ Shin) #4

Thanks for the idea!

(HJ Shin) #5

I gave up to make this function with beats.
Firebase is the next trial :slight_smile:

(ruflin) #6

Can you share some more details on what road blocks you hit? Would love to hear some more :wink:

(HJ Shin) #7

My colleague is working on it. He told me his idea briefly.

Firebase has real time database, android can connect to this db without any delay.

GPS data flow look like below :
android app -> firebase real time db -> gps collecting server -> ES

I hope this helps you :smile:

(ruflin) #8

Thanks for the details. I was more interested in why problems you hit with beats so you decided not to forward with beats. I'm planning to play around with it in the future so it would be interesting to know :slight_smile:

(HJ Shin) #9

I tried to find out a beats which is easily embedded in android such as a library.
"compile a beat on android - warkolm" seems not easy to me.

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