Can CCR also replicate dashboards (and other stuff...)?

CCR is great to replicate data in user indices (such as all beats indices), but I don't know if it can also be used to replicate kibana dashboards. Rationale : it's a bummer if you need to fail over and you have your data but not your dashboards. The situation becomes even more complex if you have ML jobs that can dynamically create indices having names based on user input (basically: you don't know the names ...).

OK, I got a reply from Elastic. In short: No, you cannot use CCR for this. You need to use different means to backup/restore this type of information.

My impression: this gets even worse for all the other stuff that you configure/define in your leading cluster, e.g. alerts, ILM, templates, ML jobs etc etc.

My conclusion: CCR is not meant for fail over, unless you are ONLY interested in your data and don't care about all the other stuff.

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