Can Elastic hold/store images?

Is it possible for Elastic to store images? If so, are there only specific data types? Would they be processed or stored the same way all other data is stored i.e. index, type, docs, etc.

You can store images using the binary type. But I'd not store big images IMHO.

At most, how big would you recommend the image size be?

Some kb at most.

What is the use case?

Ok right now at most the images seem to be png images sized about 50KB. They are to be linked with another index. But, I'm not sure if they should be a separate index or if they could be included in the planned linked index?

That should work.

The question is still why do you want to store blobs in a search engine?

We would like to have all the data together and synchronized. Rather than needing to connect to two or multiple sources we'd like to just have all together in one place and manage it like that.

Just keep in mind that storing a lot of unneeded data in Lucene segments might have a significant IO cost when segments will be merged (which is constantly happening behind the scene when you are indexing).

Understood. Thank you for that information. That being said I am curious about Logstash as a service. After the initial pull of data. Does logstash run through each record and updates based on ID? Is this something that takes a long time because it goes through everything that has been pulled?

That's a totally unrelated question right?
Could you open a new discussion in logstash?

Ok yeah haha I figured it might be too off. No worries will open a new discussion thank you.

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