Can elasticsearch be accessed by http and htpps simultaneously?


I am working with a supposedly secure cluster that you access through https://localhost: 9200

but when I went to see the metricbeat.yml configuration file I saw a parameter that surprised me:

ssl.verification_mode: false

and when i do a curl i can only acces with de --insecure parameter .

Is my environment really secure? Shouldn't Elasticsearch ask me for a certificate?

Thanks in advanced!

No, it is not secure. The certificate presented by metricbeat is controlled by ssl.certificate, not verification_mode. Elasticsearch with xpack can be configured to require a certificate as described here.

You have a much bigger problem, because metricbeat is not validating the certificate presented by Elasticsearch. As the documentation says

This mode disables many of the security benefits of SSL/TLS and should only be used after very careful consideration. It is primarily intended as a temporary diagnostic mechanism when attempting to resolve TLS errors; its use in production environments is strongly discouraged.

so until my environment has set this: PKI user authentication | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

it will not really be secure because setting the verification parameter to none let the access anyway, right?

does my ssl: true parameter only encrypt the information ?

What you tell me is possible to do it with the open version or only with the paid version?

Thanks for the help!
Securization seems complicated

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