Can Elasticsearch share plugin directory

I have docker swarm of 3 nodes. I run ES with 5 nodes (3 data/master nodes and 2 coordinating nodes). I would like to use S3 bucket plugin to backup ES cluster. Plugin must be installed on all nodes, that means, plugin directory must be mounted as volume. For data nodes this is not a problem, there is only one ES data/master per node, so they can have dedicated directory per node, but coordinating nodes can move from one node to another. The problem is, if after plugin installation coordinating node move to another node, plugin will be missing in plugin directory. I start thinking about creating shared directory with plugins for all ES nodes but not sure, If this is the right way to ensure plugin will be installed on all ES nodes. Can anybody help?

Coordinating nodes run as one service with two replicas, data/master nodes has each dedicated service which specify node to run on.

Why don't you install the plugin as part of your Dockerfile setup, so that it is part of the image?

The reason is, I mount other configurations, certificates, etc... and deploy it via ansible. So then I do not have maintain pipelines for ES (we have different versions of clusters). So I pull image directly from elastic repo, I have no Dockerfile. Building own image is second option.

I tried to share plugin for coordinating nodes and it works fine for now.

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